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Please describe your transformation through travel

Instructions: Please ensure your responses are as truthful as possible. Information provided will be used for the purposes of this research only and your identity will be kept strictly confidential. Please complete this form and click on Submit when ready to send. Alternately, the questions can be completed in as a Word document and emailed to admin@transformativetravel.org.

If you have had more than one transformative travel experience, please indicate each different experience within the free text fields with a number (e.g. 1. I travelled to Japan in 1982 and … 2. I travelled to Paris in 2000 while…)

1.What country were you born in?:

2. What is your country of residence?:

3. What is you age?: Alternately, you can indicate your general age-group below:
Under 18
65 and over

4. Describe your transformative travel experience (where you went, what you did, what you saw/experienced) – Please try to include as much detail as possible

5. Describe the change/transformation that took place after your travel experience – Please try to include as much detail as possible

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If you choose to submit an email address it will only be used for the updates, and/or to contact you if you indicate that you are willing to participate in further stages of the study. Individual respondents will not be identified and your details will not be submitted to a third party.

Would you be willing to participate in further stages of this study?
If you are selected, this will be in the form of brief email interviews (if yes, please make sure you have entered your email address above)

Any other comments / feedback?

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